What is the difference between a regular carnival and Singapore’s favourite family carnival? Wholesome stage entertainment for the whole family, of course!

Specially created for each edition of PlayLAH!, we bring you an always-evolving, always exciting mix of performances and stage activities by working with the best partners for the ultimate family experience. Feel free to join in the fun too by participating in various stage activities we have planned for everyone!

  • Bolly Dazz Workout by Bolly Dancing Studio
  • Chinese Dance by NTU Chinese Dance Club
  • Guitar Performance by St Patrick’s School Guitar Ensemble
  • Deaf Performance by ExtraOrdinary Horizons
  • POUND Rockout Workout by Grace Sagaya
  • Malay Dance by Greenview Secondary School’s Rentak Permata
  • Save-A-Life Skit by Singapore Heart Foundation
  • Project Blue WaVe Skit by PA Water Venture